Sunday, October 15, 2017


When you become a Lightglider, you will work to restore the land from the blight. Blight is a dark, gloomy substance that is causing destruction to the land. Blight tries to take away the land's beauty and intended purpose. To restore something means to bring it back to what it was meant to be. That's what we do in the Yonders. We work to make it beautiful and full of goodness and purpose again.

For he must remain in heaven until the time for the final restoration of all things, as God promised long ago through his holy prophets.
~Acts 3:21 (NLT)

We live in a world that needs to be restored. We live in the midst of situations that need to be restored. And we need to be restored and refreshed each day. We can do this for each other and for a world that desperately needs it. And when we do this, we serve as signposts pointing to the wonderful restoration that is to come. God will one day restore this world and make all things new! We have the opportunity to point others to this incredible hope!

What are ways to work towards restoration in the world?

~ Marlon

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