Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Table Talk: Nisha "Serve"

This Week In Lightgliders
Nisha: "Serve"

We are introducing our seven student leaders from around the world. They serve as examples to Lightgliders everywhere that they were designed by God to impact the world around them in their own unique way.


Our next Lightglider leader comes to us all the way from India. Nisha is quiet and wise and seeks to serve through prayer and hospitality. Here we have another example for kids of a type of leader who may not have the most prominent role, but makes a tremendous impact using her uniqueness. 
One who is quiet and listens can better understand and serve the needs of others. Nisha didn't know what she had to offer until someone thanked her for always doing the little things that seemed to go unnoticed. Now she understands that the little things make a big difference!


But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must first be your servant...
                                        ~ Mark 10:43 (NLT) 
Meaningful Conversation Starters

  • Who do you know who is quiet and wise?
  • What does it mean to show hospitality?
  • In what ways might you serve those around you today?

    Videos to Watch With Your Kids
    These videos will be located on the front page in Lightgliders this week. 

    Spark: Nisha's Story 
    Meet Nisha, the gentle and quiet spirit who is loving and serving others in the Academy.

    Prayer: Love Cares
    This is a prayer that we might have a heart for others just like God's heart for us. 

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