Friday, April 14, 2017

Game Of The Week!

This week's Game of the Week challenge came down to the last minute. Well done, Lightgliders! You all worked hard on this one!

You all did so well in fact, that we have TWO winners of our Gap Glide Game of the Week! Congratulations to Bartholomew Noodle Nacho and Ace Adventurous Superstar! Head into the Academy and check out your prizes of an arcade machine, pool table and 100 gold coins!

Don't worry Lightgliders, we have another chance for you to glide your way to the top of the leaderboard! This week's Game of the Week is Academy Construction! You will be tasked to build into the clouds! The highest tower constructed will be victorious. Get to building!

PS: Make sure you enter Lightglider Academy to get your Lightglider name! We can't give prizes to an "Unnamed Lightgliders".

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