Monday, April 18, 2016

Training Week!

In honor of Opening Day for baseball season and the runners who have been working up to the Boston Marathon this week, we are celebrating Training Week! These incredible athletes work hard for months to prepare for their sport. Whether that looks like training for an entire season or for one major race, these competitors have spent hours working towards their goals.

1 Timothy 4:8 says, "Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come."

As Lightgliders, our goals are to Respect, Rescue and Restore. As believers in Jesus, our goals are to love God and to love others. We must train ourselves in the ways of the Lord so that we can glorify Him in all we do.

So train hard this week, Lightgliders, by loving and serving God and by sharing His love with others. Glide on!

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