Thursday, February 25, 2016

Gliddle Powers!

Hey Lightgliders!

We know the Gliddles help us to defeat the Machines in the Yonders, but did you know each color of Gliddle has a unique power? Let's take a look!

The Red Gliddle power is known as the "Surge." It sends red plasma through the Machines!

The Blue Gliddle power is the "Striker." It's a one shot defeat with this little one!

The Purple Gliddle power is the "Zapper." It's a shock that is sure to stop the enemy!

The Yellow Gliddle power is the "Sparkler." This one is a rapid-fire defense against any Machine attack!

The Orange Gliddle power is known as the "Beam Stream." This laser-like power is great to have in tough spots!

The Green Gliddle power is known as the "Flashblaster." This scattered shot covers a lot of ground all at once!

Finally, we've got our Pink Gliddle power..."Chain Lightning." The name says it all!

Be on the look out for these Gliddles on your missions. Remember to use wisdom and discernment as you strategically work together to defeat the Machines and restore the land from Blight. Glide on!

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