Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Made with Purpose

When God spoke the universe into existence, He created all things to be good and full of purpose. If you don't know this story, read Genesis 1 in the Bible! Every time God created something - whether the sun, the earth, the animals, or human - he said it was "good."

Every part of creation plays a role. Every part has a purpose. It's much like Lightglider Academy. The purpose of RES is to clear blight. The purpose of Gliddle powers is to defeat Machines. The purpose of a Lightglider is to respect, rescue, and restore. Purpose gives you a reason to wake up every day!

Do you know your purpose? As a human being created in God's image, our purpose is to love God and love others. To love God, we have to know Him. There are lots of ways to get to know Him, but I think the best way is through the Bible.

To love others, we have to care about them more than we care about ourselves. By the way, this is really hard. But, I find that the more I learn about how much God loves me, the more I am able to love others.

How are you living with purpose today?



  1. I try to help people when they are having a hard time in their lives

  2. The more I learn about God, the more I learn my purpose

  3. "God first, others second, I'm third"

  4. I have a special purpose!