Wednesday, March 25, 2015


UntitledAre you collecting all the materials in the Yonders?  You should look everywhere...behind trees...under every nook and cranny.  Wait, what is a nook?  What is a cranny?  I have no idea, but my guess is that you will find materials there!  You can use your materials to buy outfits for yourself in Glider Gear and decorations for your treehouse at Tree Mart.  You can also use the gems you collect to buy decks for your treehouse, so that more Gliddles can live there!  Make sure you've rescued enough Gliddles to unlock the deck first!  It is important to manage the materials that you collect well.  Use what you have to help others and shine like the stars in the sky!

By the way, please post a comment if you have thoughts on what a nook or a cranny is!

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