Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Important Game Update


A major update has been made to Lightgliders! You will find new features, new missions, new quests, and new daily activities and rewards in Glidebook. Each mission has been enhanced. The interface has been improved. The Gliddles are more talkative. There is even an Arcade with mini-games. Everything in Lightgliders is just better!

To upgrade the game, we had to re-launch Lightglider Academy. Therefore, you will need to re-start each of your Lightglider missions to the Yonders as well as re-build Treehouse decks and re-decorate your Treehouse. We apologize for this inconvenience. Just so you know, you will not lose your subscription or Glidebook data, your friends list, your Treehouse decorations, or the outfits that you have purchased for your Lightglider.

We are SOOOOOO thankful that you are helping to make Lightgliders what it is by playing each day. You are awesome!! I will post more about what is new in Lightgliders in the coming days. But, if you play, you'll see for yourself! Glide on!


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