Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Academy Tour: Treehouses

Hopefully, you've already received a treehouse to decorate. The Gliddles live here. There are 10 different decks to decorate -- five above ground and five below ground. The more decks you have, the faster you can grow RES and BOOSTS.

The Treehouses represent LOVE. A lot of people think of love as a feeling. For Lightgliders, it is a choice and it involves action. Out of love, we go to the Yonders, rescue Gliddles, and give them a beautiful Treehouse. Out of love, we collect BOOSTS in our Treehouses and give them away to other Lightgliders. Out of love, we wait for RES to fill up in our Treehouses, so that we can be an agent of restoration in the land of Glideon. Please manage your Treehouse well!

Love is a decision that produces action. Love is an adventure that produces beauty. Love is a force that changes everything!

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