Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Academy Tour: The Courtyard

Welcome to Lightglider Academy! If you're a Lightglider, you have definitely been to the Courtyard even if you are brand new to the team. It is where we meet and I give you your first mission to the Yonders!

All Lightglider missions revolve around three goals -- Respect, Rescue, and Restore. The Courtyard is one of the best places to practice Respect. Here is where we hang out and talk with other Lightgliders. We play games like "Tag" and "Follow the Leader." We give away the Boosts that grow on our Treehouses. We learn that being connected with each other is far better than being alone.

But, my favorite thing about the Courtyard is that it represents HOPE! Remember that hope is the belief that the future will get better. The Courtyard represents HOPE because some day in the future we will solve the blight problem and we will rescue all the Gliddles that want to be rescued. And we will have the greatest celebration Lightglider Academy has ever known in the Courtyard. I cannot wait for that day!

See you in the Courtyard soon!

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