Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Santiago HopeThe final Lightglider value is HOPE!

To live with hope means to look to the future believing that good things are coming.

This is tough to do sometimes, especially if the circumstances around us are difficult. But, trust me on this, hope is invigorating. It is electrifying. It is powerful! When we live with hope, we give hope to others. And, like a spark, the fire of hope spreads and the future actually begins to look brighter and brighter.

Think of the Gliddles. Just knowing that Lightgliders are out there gives them hope for the future. They know that the future does not have to be bleak. It can be beautiful. This is the power of hope.

I try to wake up each day with hope...with an expectation that the day will be new, exciting, and meaningful. I'm telling you, choosing to live with hope makes a difference!

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  1. this guy reminds me of a captain planet character.. or a magic school bus character, grown into that captain planet character..