Friday, December 18, 2015


Confidence is the fourth Lightglider value. I know Kwan just posted about the importance of humility. And, I couldn't agree more. Confidence is really important too! Each of us has tremendous value. We need to know and believe this each day.

The knowledge and belief in how valuable we each are is what produces confidence. It should not be based on our strengths or successes. If it was, then our confidence would just come and go with every success and failure...with every encouraging and discouraging word that we hear. No, confidence comes from something deeper!  From something far more consistent!

Living with confidence comes from believing with all your heart that you are valuable.

Each of us is like a light that was made to shine brightly. Living with confidence helps me to shine. On each mission to the Yonders. In each battle with the Machines. And even in how I interact with others at the Academy. Confidence helps me to take risks. It helps me to engage a world that isn't always encouraging.

I choose to live with confidence each day. Do you?

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