Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lightglider Values

Values Intro FinalHello! We Gliddles are here to introduce this month's theme -- the Lightglider values. There are five values of a Lightglider -- love, hope, purpose, humility, and confidence. But, before we learn about each one, we have to understand what a value is. Right? That's why we wanted you to see this beautiful tree filled with sparkling light. It is helpful for understanding values.

Beautiful trees do not just appear. They have to grow. Their roots have to be nurtured. We do not see this process because it happens under the ground. Well, the same is true with us. Lives that shine, serve others, and impact the world are built upon values that cannot be seen.

Values are principles at work in our hearts that direct our decisions and behaviors. They impact our thoughts and actions. They motivate our decisions. They can inspire us to do great things.
Just like good seed and nourishment helps to produce a beautiful tree, the right values can help to produce a beautiful life. A life that shines. And that's what you will do!
~The Gliddles

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