Thursday, October 29, 2015


When you become a Lightglider, you will work to restore the land from the blight.  Blight is a dark, gloomy substance that is causing destruction. Blight tries to take away the land's beauty and make it useless. And, that is unacceptable to a Lightglider! To restore something means to bring it back to what it was meant to be. That's what we do in the Yonders. We work to make it beautiful and full of great purpose again.

We live in a world that needs to be restored. We live among people who need to be restored. I need to be restored! I can get so overwhelmed and discouraged, and I know this can happen to others as well. That is why I want my words and my actions to bring joy and hope to others. I want others to bring joy and hope to me. We need to be reminded that our lives and our world is full of beauty and purpose.

We need to be restored and refreshed each day. And we can do this for each other! Lightgliders work to restore the people and the land in which they live. It can be as simple as a smile or an encouraging word. But it also can be hard and can require tremendous sacrifice. Every time you clear blight and restore the land, it costs you RES. Every time you do the work of restoration, it will cost you time and energy. But, it is worth it! Especially because we do it together as a team. Lightgliders are a team of people from all over the world who seek to restore hope, purpose, and beauty. Are you ready?  Let's glide!



  1. will do it will be a blast

  2. Replies
    1. If the land is covered in blight it cannot grow and produce the beauty it was made for. It's our job to clear the blight and allow the land to do what it was made to do!