Monday, August 04, 2014


Lightgliders have a common goal -- to live with respect for ourselves and for others.  Life is a gift. It should be treated as valuable and worthy of honor.  Your life is a gift. My life is a gift. We should treat them as such. The lives of those around us are extremely valuable. They should be treated with respect.

There are simple ways to show respect to yourself. Take care of your body.  Take care of your mind. Take advantage of opportunities to learn. Have meaningful conversations with others. Don't waste this gift of life that you have. It is valuable. You are valuable. The more you recognize this, the more you will respect yourself.

There are also simple ways to show respect to others. Listen. Be polite. Be thankful. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Try to understand those who seem different than you. Put the needs of others before your own.  Sometimes people will be difficult or even mean to you, and it will be hard to show respect. Do it anyway! You do not have to agree with someone to show them respect. If we had to agree on everything before showing respect, no one would get along!

Think of someone you really love today. Now think of someone who really bothers you. Now think of yourself. What does it look like for you to show respect to all three of these people?  Now go do it!