Monday, October 26, 2015


Here at Lightglider Academy we rescue Gliddles--those adorable little creatures that we find in the Yonders. What does it mean to rescue? Really, it means to save another from a dangerous situation. That's what we Lightgliders try to do.

The Gliddles wander through the Yonders unprotected.  Sometimes they get stuck in the blight. Sometimes they get captured by the Machines. Their joy, freedom, and dignity is taken away. And they need to be rescued. That's where we step in.

Every day we are in dangerous situations. There are forces around us that take away joy, freedom, and dignity. Sometimes those forces are even within us. For me, that force is selfishness. Every time I make a truly selfish decision, I end up hurting someone close to me. Hurting others is easy and cowardly. Rescuing others is difficult and heroic. It requires courage, boldness, compassion, and selflessness. Sometimes it even means entering into a dangerous situation for the sake of another. This is what we do with the Gliddles. This is who we are.

Question--who needs joy, freedom, and dignity? Answer--we all do! Realizing this is the first step to understanding our goal and passion to rescue. It's what we do.


  1. i couldn't even get one that was around the.. blight?... and i clicked as much as i could and nothing,..

    1. Make sure you have enough RES, the light that you collect, in order to clear the blight! Thanks for your help!